At 100, Gophers, Lakers legend John Kundla still adds to his legacy.

The oldest living hall of famer in the four major professional sports reveled in an early celebration of his 100th birthday, which arrives Sunday. Read the full story here:

You Won’t Believe What This 94-Year-Old Wrote When She Was 16

Did I get ya? Little old ladies can write clickbait, too. We just titled it, “Story continues on page 3” back in my day. Anywho, the premise of this article is to show off a poem of mine. Another secret talent, I know. I am full of secrets. I’ve always loved writing, and still dabble…

Show your appreciation. Show your support.

Sixty-thousand Minnesotans will turn 65 this year, and every year through 2030. Thanks to the support of a large and bipartisan group of legislators, our state is better prepared to meet the needs of a rapidly growing senior population—and embrace aging. Say Thank You In 2015, the Minnesota Legislature passed historic senior care reforms that help ensure…

Tomboys live longer: Ethel Satre celebrates her 108th birthday

Brainerd local celebrates her 108th birthday. Saying that while growing up, adventure was just part of her daily life. Read the full story here: