Include elderly loved ones in your travels this summer

The summer season can be hard on some of our residents with families who travel. Residents would love to be able to go on vacation with their families and spend quality time with them and not feel left out. If you can pick up grandma or grandpa or a friend at the nursing home, stop…

Occasionally caring for grandkids could boost your longevity

New research published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior suggests that seniors who occasionally help care for grandkids tend to live longer than seniors who do not care for young relatives. Study participants who did not have grandchildren but supported others in their community like adult children or neighbors also tended to live longer…

Couple wears color coordinated outfits for all 52 years of their marriage

“My grandparents have been married for 52 years and they match outfits every day,” the couple’s grandson posted along with photos in a viral tweet. Read the full story here:

86-Year-Old Grandma Meets Her 86th Great-Grandchild

86 must be lucky for Marie Frey, who received the gift of her 86th great grandchild just days before her 86th birthday. Read the full story here:

Start the Conversation to Face Aging

There will be 285,000 more seniors living in Minnesota at the end of this decade than there were in 2010, more growth than we saw in the last four decades combined. By 2031, 25% of the population will be over age 65; of that group 9% will be over 75 and 3% will be over…