Older Generations Share Advice with New Grads

Around 60,000 students are graduating from Minnesota high schools this year–and 60,000 Minnesotans are turning 65 this year. This is another sign of our rapidly growing senior population. In fact, our state’s senior population is doubling as seniors reach retirement age and soon there will be more seniors than school kids.

Face Aging MN is here to encourage all Minnesotans to engage in conversations about how aging affects us all. We invite visitors to FaceAgingMN.org to share their stories about aging. The knowledge, insights and advice continue to come in – you can share your story now on FaceAgingMN.org. Now, we would like to share some particularly timely advice members of the Silent Generation right up through Generation Y want to share with brand new high school grads.

What I would tell my 18 year old self is:

“Know your value…be honest and stick up for yourself,” says Zada, a Baby Boomer from Bemidji.

“Do not get married until you have lived on your own for a while,” says Carol, a member of the Silent Generation (born 1926-1945) from Brooklyn Park

“Get a college education in your passion in life,” says Wendy, a Baby Boomer from Pine City

“Enjoy yourself and live one day at a time,” says Lois from Kimball, who is a member of the Silent Generation.

“Trust people more,” says a Baby Boomer.

“Be kind and gentle in your thoughts. Listen more than you talk. Learn to be grateful. Walk easy on this earth,” says another Boomer.

“Slow Down,” says Elizabeth a Millennial from Austin.

We’ll continue to share the advice, wisdom and life stories people submit at FaceAgingMN.org. If you haven’t shared your story yet, please do – and ask your friends and family to share their stories, too!

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