Reform Brings Welcome Boost to Caregivers in Rochester

The good news keeps coming about what Minnesota’s 2015 senior care reform is doing for seniors and their caregivers.

The historic reform passed last year by the Minnesota Legislature has allowed senior care facilities to give employees much-deserved salary increases and provide them with other important benefits. These are the hard-working, dedicated staff who provide caregiving to seniors and support their families around-the-clock, 365 days a year.

We are fortunate to hear directly from caregivers at Samaritan Bethany in Rochester about what Samaritan Bethany has been able to do for them, thanks to reform, and how it has improved life for themselves and their families. We think you’ll agree these comments are truly uplifting!

“I was very grateful for the pay increase we received recently. I can now realistically look at leaving my second job, that has been supplementing my family’s income for the past 6 years and focus on the job at Samaritan that I truly love. It also gives me the opportunity to spend valuable time with my family that is very important to me! Thank You So Much!!” Matt, Culinary Services Coordinator

“I really appreciate the raise and the decrease in our health insurance premiums! Can’t thank Samaritan Bethany enough for what they did for us.” Denise, Neighborhood Coordinator

“I can now put more in my 403B retirement plan because of the raise. It’s nice getting a bigger check. I have been a nursing assistant for 35 years and it was a great raise and well deserved. It was a really nice surprise and appreciate getting paid for what we are worth!” Carol, NA/R, Caregiver

Lawmakers representing the Rochester area who supported the reform proposal last session are Sen. David Senjem, Sen. Carla Nelson and Rep. Kim Norton.

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