A Limerick about Limerick

Helen St. Patty's hat

Some years back, my second husband and I decided to travel to England and retrace my steps from WWII. Besides visiting the area where I was stationed, we journeyed throughout the United Kingdom. We had a lovely time, and sharing that part of my life with my husband brought us closer together and helped bring many of my stories to life. If you haven’t made your way to that side of the world, I highly recommend it.

While visiting that green countryside, we stayed a while in Limerick, Ireland. Smitten with the land and people, I composed an actual limerick to celebrate the trip. I’m not much of a poet, and boy I know it, but why not try my hand at a few stanzas, I thought.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and that wonderful trip, here is my own little limerick. I hope you enjoy it!

There was an old couple from Minn.
That decided to take quite a spin.
They flew off to Britain
and recently got smitten
with the Scottish, the British, the Welsh and Erin.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

3 thoughts on “A Limerick about Limerick

  1. Who’s Erin?

    I hope I can be like you. I live everyday with the belief of arriving to 100 and then some.

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