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As you might have read in Three Cheers for Baseball Season, I enjoy cheering on my Twins. Another sport that I love watching—and playing—is golf. And as the thermostat continues to rise, the leaves bud and the birds sing, it’s time to get back on the green.

I won’t lie to you, I wasn’t always very keen on golf. It was one of those things my husband enjoyed so I went along for the ride. Well, actually the walk. Back then, I’d refuse the cart and skipped across the entire course. I loved the sprawling acres of greenery and the way every hole was completely unique. If you were lucky enough you could even spot a beautiful bird or two.

As I played a few more rounds, I began to appreciate the sport more and more. And I got pretty darn good. Not Masters worthy, but hole-in-one worthy. Yes, your Helen scored herself a hole in one at the youthful age of 71. When it happened, my husband’s jaw just dropped to the floor. I told him, “I’d give you mine, but it doesn’t work that way. You’re going to have to get your own.” He did just that eight years later.

I will admit that I’ve started using a golf cart, more so to keep the game moving along, not because I enjoy it. I do enjoy watching the Masters though, and boy, was this year a heartbreaker. Poor Spieth was so close, but it escaped him at the end. Well, maybe next year—and maybe next year you’ll see me out on the green. I’ll be the lady begrudgingly riding the golf cart getting ready for her next hole-in-one.

Thanks for visiting my corner of the world. It’s always a pleasure!

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