The Truth About Senior Living

Helen Cards

When you think of senior living, do you envision quiet, lonely people just sitting around talking about the good old days?

We’re actually a bit rowdier than that.

We still love having fun, and still know how to have a good time. There’s always a new hobby to be tried, a game of poker to bet on, a party to take part in, a cause to help with, a baby blanket to sew, a tale you haven’t heard before. There are unlimited things to do if you’re game.

Some of us may be cranky about moving from a long-loved home, but many of us realize that it’s the right place for us at this stage in our lives. We still have independence, but we have a helping hand when we need it. We’ve got flexibility, but we also have security.

The hardest part may be the weekend, when many of our wonderful staff are off. It’s such a reminder of what a difference they make in our lives. They’re always leading the charge on the fun. They keep us enthralled with games, stories and their positivity. I know sometimes we give them heck, but they take it in stride and just keep smiling.

While we know how to keep ourselves busy, we always love visitors. If you have the time, take time to stop into a senior living building in your neighborhood. They’ll appreciate it immensely, and you may be surprised by how fun it is.

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