Most Americans would prefer having dreaded “sex talk” with kids to “senior care talk” with parents

Just over half (54 percent) of visitors to recruited for a recent survey say they would rather have the “the sex talk” with their children than engage in a conversation with their aging parents about when they need to start planning for more care and support as they grow older.

In fact, more than half (52 percent) of those surveyed haven’t discussed any senior care issues with their aging parents. A slightly higher number (55 percent) don’t plan to talk about these issues with loved ones until they must because of a physical or other crisis.

However, having the conversation can be good for the well-being of seniors AND their adult children. After broaching the subject, a third of adult children felt more informed, 32 percent felt hopeful and 24 percent were relieved.

Other findings from the survey include:

  • 29 percent of respondents financially support their parent(s) or aging loved ones.
  • 64 percent are not budgeting or saving for their own or their partner’s senior care.
  • Independence tops the list of things people say is the most important to the senior in their life (42 percent), followed by health (23 percent) and comfort (23 percent).
  • 31 percent don’t know what senior care option their parent(s) or aging loved one(s) prefer.

You can see more information from the survey here.

Nearly every family is faced with needing to help make a decision on where their parents or other loved ones will live and how they will get the care they need as they grow older. Making the right decision starts with a straightforward conversation.

To make this conversation easier to begin, use our downloadable discussion guides.


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