Driving Miss Miller

A car is a special commodity. So many people get in it every day without a second thought. Even if it’s a little rusty around the edges, be thankful for your vehicle. There’s many of us north of 90 looking on with envy.

That’s because one of the hardest things about getting older is giving up your car keys. It’s more than a vehicle, it’s freedom. Without it, you can no longer get up and just go. If you need eggs or are craving a little treat, you have to wait until someone can take you.

We now have transportation services at Woodbury Villas, and that is very helpful. But we never have enough drivers—and family can only visit so much. So today I am asking for your help…for all seniors like me reliant on others for transporation.

We need more drivers. Not just where I live, but at every senior community. So if you have the time, your license and can take a short class, pretty much any senior community would welcome your help. The trips are usually short, maybe just a trip to Walgreens or the mall. You’ll never have more thankful passengers—or more fun.

If you’re interested in driving or volunteering in some other way, get in touch with a senior center near you. There are so many ways you can give your older neighbors a hand.

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