Resist the Rust: Good Busy-ness is a Brain Boost

I’ve never refused an opportunity to be a bit silly. It definitely helps keep the mind perky!

A moving mind is a healthy mind. When you’re busy, you don’t have time to think about the aches and pains. You’re uplifted by volunteering, good books and group activities.

Doctors agree. Research has shown that keeping busy with activities that inspire and challenge your mind are a real brain boost – regardless of your age. Hot dog!

Keeping busy doesn’t have to mean leaving the comforts of your home—make the newspaper puzzles your ritual or cook up a fun and different meal every Monday. If you’ve got a few friends still kicking, invite them over to enjoy it.

I’d encourage you to seek out activities outside the house, too. It always gives me a lift to do something new, like visit a museum or walk a new route. I won’t lie, it tires me out, but then I just sleep sounder. I don’t want to spend my life watching cars go by. Unless I’m at a car show.

When I’ve done something enriching and challenging, I feel accomplished and happier. It gives me something to talk about with my friends, children and grandchildren. It exercises my brain and keeps it sharp.

So it’s time to get off your couch or your computer or phone to try something new – and prevent the rust.

Vinegar removes it, as well.

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