MN Senior Care Providers Share Their Thoughts on Who Stands With Seniors

blogimagevote2016Citizens concerned about how our elected officials will help Minnesota face aging got a chance to hear from legislative candidates at nine forums held throughout the state this past month.

More than 50 legislative candidates took part in the forums, which were attended by members of the public and the media and hosted at local senior care facilities.

One of the forums was held at St. Benedict’s Senior Community in St. Cloud, where Christine Bakke is the Care Center Administrator. Here’s what she had to say about the candidates who participated in the forum:

“Seniors and their families count on professional caregivers. But many care facilities, including ours in the St. Cloud area, are facing severe staff shortages in our tight job market. Our elected officials recognize that more must be done to help attract and keep senior care providers in this rewarding and challenging career.”

St. Crispin Villa in Red Wing was the site of a candidate forum, too. Chris Boldt, Vice President of Operations for Benedictine Health System, which runs St Crispin Villa, echoed concerns about staffing shortages and appreciation for candidate forum participants’ attention to this important issue:

“Attracting and keeping dedicated senior care workers is a major challenge in our tight job market. At a legislative candidate forum in Red Wing a few weeks ago, candidates noted they understood and supported efforts to ensure a strong workforce ready to provide the support and care needed for today’s and tomorrow’s seniors.”

If you see your candidates campaigning in your community in the final days before the election, make sure to ask them how they plan to face aging. You can download and print our handy question sheet so you are ready to ask!

You can also see where current legislators stood on the 2015 senior care reforms.

One thought on “MN Senior Care Providers Share Their Thoughts on Who Stands With Seniors

  1. Worked in a nursing home when I was younger. Biggest problem – staff shortage or staff continually calling in sick and making the rest of staff work shorthanded. This is EXTREMELY detrimental in this kid of job. Meanwhile the corporation and upper staff keep getting perks. THe clients suffer

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