’Tis the Season to Count My Blessings

This has been whirlwind year—and life—for me. Here are the things I’m thankful for right now.

● I’m thankful for my sons and their families, for all the people who care for me. I’m grateful for the joy and happiness they share with me.
● I’m thankful for all my friends at Woodbury.
● I’m thankful for the opportunities this blog and Face Aging has provided me.
● I’m thankful I have a safe place to live.
● I’m thankful to the doctors who are committed to helping me feel better.
● I’m thankful that all of my hair isn’t falling out.
● I’m thankful I can still walk around the halls.
● I’m thankful that I can still do my newspaper puzzles and balance my checkbooks.
● I’m thankful for the cute dogs, my friendly neighbors and the joyful spirit of Christmas.
● I’m thankful for music and that I can still sing.
● I’m thankful that God will not give me more pain than I can stand.
● I’m thankful to all the people who take the time to read my blog and let my voice be heard.

Thank you! And happy holidays!

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