Spreading Holiday Cheer

The holidays are such a lovely season. I want to spread the joy with a fun, little poem I wrote about Christmas and a few holiday stories from my past. I hope you enjoy!

Recipe for a Good Christmas Breakfast

Take: An early morning in December crowded with things to remember –

Happy voices and smiling faces
Of friends and family and familiar places.

ADD: Church bells ringing
And people singing
Mingle with fellowship and love
Counting our blessing from above.

MIX: Scrambled eggs and coffee cake
And a large portion of ham to bake.
Plenty of coffee in the pot
And in our cups all steaming hot.

STIR: Warmth and friendship all around
Good cheer and rejoicing will abound.
This is the recipe for Christmas morn
To celebrate that Christ was born.

When I was newly married, the start of Christmas began with dinner with my siblings and their families. We always had a nice time of telling stories and just being together. There’s really nothing cozier than a warm house with the ones you love.

Christmas day is always quite the feat. Especially when you love to have as many people as possible over. I remember one year having to squish 20 people in our basement for Christmas breakfast. This was during the time when my first husband and I were building our house. We couldn’t afford anything more than the basement, so we lived in it (and loved it) for three years. Despite the small spaces, everyone enjoyed themselves and pitched in. I’m always tickled by the comradery that results from the holidays.

Luckily, Christmas in the basement never became a true tradition, but a few other things did. Like my cookies. I used to make about 10 different types of cookies for Christmas. One kind that had green and red frosting in the middle never stayed on the plate very long. Even after my second husband and I started spending our holidays in Arizona, I’d get a call from my granddaughter requesting cookies.

My favorite part of the holidays is giving people things you know they’ll cherish. A book of my poems. Cookies. Toys. When my loved ones feel delight, so do I.

Since my hearing’s declined, I’m little less fond of large groups during the holidays. That doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy them! I just appreciate family members taking a little one-on-one time with me. Remember that when you see your grandparents this holiday. Speak a little louder, make sure they’re not overwhelmed and help them in any way you can. This will bring them more joy than you can possibly know.

As far as my 95th Christmas goes, I’m not sure what the plans are yet. All I know is that I’ll be spending it surrounded by family and food. Maybe, we’ll even head to the bowling alley for a quick game.

What are your favorite traditions?

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  1. I truly admire u! I know i won’t be like u or my mom or my grandma toots! I’m only 57 but have taken care of my whole family until their death while i was working as an RN ! I haas med prob of my own nobody left for me help me!

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