It’s not about stuff

presentschristmas“Mom, what can we get you for Christmas – you never seem to want anything?”

There is a time in our lives when gifts are really important. Both giving or receiving that perfect something which we really love or which we know our special person will really love, can make our Holiday.

As age sets in, we have less and less need for gadgets and dodads, and have all the soft and comfy clothes our closets can possibly hold. We want our families to understand that the day has come when we want to shout, “If I can’t eat it or spend it, I don’t want it!”

Well-meaning children and grandchildren have a hard time understanding that we have reached the time in our lives when the only things that really count are our relationships with those we care about. Instead of “stuff,” we want their time and attention. A gift certificate for lunch – with them – would be a highlight. A day spent going through old pictures together; an after dinner drive to get an ice cream cone; or a cup of tea on a quiet afternoon would be lovely.

It’s up to us to help our families understand that we no longer want stuff. No one but we ourselves can tell them what would be truly meaningful, and I’m guessing in addition to relief, they also will treasure the gift that transpires.

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5 thoughts on “It’s not about stuff

  1. Gloria, this is so helpful! Thank you for your contribution and looking forward to seeing future posts on the blog!

  2. Wonderful article and so true, But they just don’t get it yet. Guess I have to wait until I get really old!!

  3. As a young working woman I gave my Mom gift certificates for a haircut & perm. I also planned outings for my Auntie Pearl and me. Chanhassen dinner theatre, concerts at Ordway and dinner at a favorite restaurant. A highlight was our weekend trip to Chicago after I learned she had never flown in an airplane. After she died I had so many great memories of time spent with my dear aunt.

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