HEAR’S what you could be missing

“Eh, what did you say?” “Would you mind repeating that?” “I didn’t catch the last of your comment.”

Sound familiar? Oh yes, for far too many of us! I started to lose my hearing when I was in my fifties. It was hereditary loss, an unappreciated gift from my mother. I was working as a communications consultant at the time and my colleagues were what I called “hairy-faced whispering engineers.” Sadly, it took longer than it should have taken for me to realize they weren’t the problem. It was me!

When I finally faced up to my hearing loss and accepted my new hearing aids, it was amazing how much those engineers spoke up.

It has now been twenty years and three sets of hearing aids later. I find that in addition to the hereditary loss, I’m now developing old age hearing loss (losing high tones). However, the remarkable capabilities of technology in my newest hearing aids help that, too. Nothing is perfect. I still miss some words and sounds that others take for granted, but at least people don’t have to shout at me anymore.

It’s a frustrating fact that in today’s society hearing loss isn’t as socially well accepted as wearing glasses to see better. However, we can’t let that stand in the way of doing something about oncoming issues of hearing loss. I personally know of people who don’t go out as much as they’d like because they just can’t hear. Others complain about spouses and others who don’t hear well but won’t admit it.

If this describes you, it’s time to do something about it. It’s never too late to see a professional and get back into the world of the hearing and enjoying the sounds of life.

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