Family Caregivers: It’s OK to Ask for Help

It is a tremendous responsibility to provide care for an aging loved one. It’s important to recognize the need of care for the caregiver, too. This is an extremely stressful time in anyone’s life, and an appropriate amount of respite time away is necessary for regenerating energy, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude in the caregiver. It often gives new perspectives and experiences to share when you come back together, as well.

Friends and other family members often want to help family caregivers but seldom know what to do. Caregivers should feel free to ask them to sit with the person receiving care for an hour or two so the caregiver can shop, do errands, or just be on their own for a time.

I know from experience that asking for help – and receiving it – renewed my energy and my attitude when I was caring for my husband. Those who help out will be happy, too, to feel needed and appreciated – an all-around win!

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One thought on “Family Caregivers: It’s OK to Ask for Help

  1. I agree that it can be very hard to tell a loved one that they are going to have a caregiver living with them to take care of them and all of their needs. I think that it would be important to make sure that they understand that it is for their benefit. I have heard stories from my parents when they had to care for their grandparents when they were younger it was very hard for them. They had a hard time because of the sicknesses that their grandparents were suffering from. I don’t want to put my kids through the same thing so I will hire a caregiver for my parents when they are in need of it.

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