Caregivers: Sharing Sunshine

While I’m still a pretty independent gal, it’s nice to have others check on me. That’s why I’m thankful for aids like Sunshine who regularly drop by to see how I’m doing.

As everyone here at my assisted living facility knows, Sunshine lives up to her name with her bright smile and warm nature. She has stuck around for six years now, and keeps a keen eye and ear out for me.

After moving here from Ethiopia with her family, Sunshine was surprised to find her calling as a CNA (certified nursing assistant), but I’m sure glad she did. It wouldn’t be the same without her around here. She says she gets paid twice in her job—once the regular way and once through the opportunity to show love and care to residents.

Like all great caregivers, Sunshine not only carries out her work with professionalism and dedication but is also deeply invested in our lives. Her gift of sunshine keeps on giving!

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