The Luck of the Irish (or in this case, a Scot)

Helen singing “How Lucky You Are” at Monica’s wedding reception.
Helen and her granddaughter Monica at Monica’s wedding








I’m not Irish as far as I know, but I do consider myself lucky. After all, I’m still here at 95! And as luck would have it, my granddaughter Monica was born on St. Patrick’s Day.

Monica has always been feisty, and now she’s an aeronautical engineer and the only gal at her firm. She’s sent all over the world to straighten people out on certain things. Growing up, she figure skated and did trapeze—anything that sounds dangerous she likes to try.

When Monica got married a year ago, I sang the song “How Lucky You Are” at her wedding reception. Do you know it? I used to sing it to my second husband every year on our anniversary. It goes like this:

As you walk, as you talk with the one you love

Do you know just how lucky you are?

When you stroll hand in hand ‘neath the moon above

Does your heart sing how lucky you are?


There’re so many heartaches in this world of ours

But sometimes a dream will come true

 When the one that you love is in love with you

That’s the greatest of blessings by far

And, your heart tells you how lucky you are.


What are the blessings you feel lucky to enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day?

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