Caring for Seniors with Dementia

Amanda Gruber began her career as a caregiver on her sixteenth birthday.

Growing up visiting a nursing home where her mother was a nurse for 50 years and volunteering with seniors throughout her childhood gave Gruber an early sense of working with seniors. Now she has been a caregiver for 20 years, and is a Household Coordinator in the Dementia Unit at Three Links Care Center in Northfield, Minnesota.

“I love working in dementia.” Gruber enjoys hearing the stories of residents and learning who they are and supporting them where they are right now. “It’s really interesting to share their lives with them on this very difficult journey.”

Working with seniors has taught Gruber that it is so important for those struggling with memory and cognitive decline to know someone cares and is interested in them. “It’s really about sharing with each other. It’s hard for people [to remember] sometimes that they’ve served in wars, they’ve had children, they’ve had spouses pass. Those things have influenced my perspective on aging and dementia.”

Gruber is thankful for the wage increase she received due to 2015 senior care reforms implemented by the Minnesota legislature. “It really was appreciated and it really did make a difference in people’s lives.”

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