So much to learn from each other

Working in senior care is a very rewarding profession. You meet some very interesting people over time. You’re able to learn from the residents that you’re able to be with. You’re able to become more of an extended family. You’re able to learn about residents’ likes and dislikes: favorite foods, clothing, colors, activities and even learn about residents’ families.

The list is endless for what we are able to learn from each other. In return you’re able to share about yourself. This is one way we gain trust in each other. After time we get to be like one large family.

When the work day is finished, I can say, “job well done.” I try to thank fellow staff for a job well done. And quietly I say to myself, “job well done.” Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Life is good. I’ll be back for a new chapter in life in the morning – with more to learn from fellow staff and residents in the coming day.

Mike Maday is a Care Manager at Lakeview Methodist Healthcare Center in Fairmont, Minnesota.

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