CNA enjoys working with elderly, now pursuing nursing degree

When Ben Kirui trains new caregivers, he tells them the best thing for them to know before they start working is to be understanding, patient, and committed to their work. “I just want them to treat the residents how they want to be treated, the way they want their parents and grandparents treated.”

As a CNA (certified nursing assistant) and TMA (trained medical assistant) formerly at Colonial Manor Nursing Home in Lakefield, Minnesota, Kirui says he likes working with the elderly. “They are very encouraging. Whenever I ask them about things, they are ready to tell you about their past and their history. If I try to visit with them, they tell me about their past and I am able to learn more about their lives.” Kirui also enjoys working as a team with his coworkers.

Now studying nursing at the University of Texas at Arlington, Kirui remains committed to helping older adults. He plans to work as a CNA while pursuing his nursing degree. “Growing up, I’ve known that the elderly really need our help. When I grow old, I’m expecting the same treatment.”

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