Minnesota excels when put to the test for senior living

Minnesota is 2017’s healthiest state for seniors, according to a recent national study that evaluated all 50 states and the District of Columbia across five crucial areas.

The five categories of the MedicareSupplement study included population, cost of living, healthcare, community factors, and environment. Minnesota ranked among the top five states for community factors and healthcare, ranked 6th in population, 8th in environment, and 28th in cost of living.

The study also evaluated the states using 20 subcategories, including prescription drug coverage and food insecurity, where Minnesota ranked first for both. This is due to the 88 percent of Minnesotans 65 and over that have a plan that covers at least the Medicare standard, and only eight percent of Minnesotans 60 and over suffering from food insecurity.

Additionally, the highest-ranking Minnesotan cities in overall health are Duluth, Minneapolis, and St. Paul. Duluth is recognized for its high ratio of hospital beds to patients and low cost of living. Minneapolis is applauded for being the highest-ranking city in community factors, park score, and senior living community options, and St. Paul is commended for its overall health, including air quality and park score.

Minnesota was closely followed by its neighboring states, with Iowa ranked as the second healthiest state for seniors and North Dakota ranked third.

You can view the original MedicareSupplement study here. You can view the original Duluth News Tribune article here.

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