Lifetime of touching lives

You don’t get to be 95 without gaining a bit of wisdom. One thing I’ve learned is how you carry yourself matters, particularly to the children you meet.

Whether through Sunday school teaching, camp counseling, or being a neighbor and a mom, I’ve known a lot of kids throughout my life, especially during the time my own sons were young. At a recent funeral, I saw many kids I knew as a camp counselor—though they sure aren’t kids anymore! They came up to me and told me who they were, because they’d grown up so I didn’t recognize them.

One gal introduced herself and I recalled combing and braiding her hair every morning at camp. She was also part of the bunch who played ball, and when I hit the ball she let me get to first base. I teased her about that, saying it’s not a good thing to do—you’re supposed to get people out no matter who they are!

Another fellow, the minister’s son, had wanted to be a windshield wiper when he grew up. He told me everybody still reminds him of that.

I remember I had a bird book with me at camp, and one day when I took the kids for a walk there was a whole beautiful flock of birds up in a tree, and I could tell them the name of each one. It was like God put them there, like how God puts special kids in our lives sometimes.

I’ve learned that I may not remember names, but I do remember people and the things we did together. And kids may not remember your name, either, but they sure will remember you.

One thought on “Lifetime of touching lives

  1. Hi, Aunt Helen. You didn’t mention relatives in your description of kids you came in contact with years ago. But, I guess I’d fall into the neighbor category too.
    One of the things I remember about being with you when I was young is your love of music. I’ll always remember singing Christmas carols when we celebrated the holiday at your house.
    I love the wisdom you impart in your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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