Include elderly loved ones in your travels this summer

The summer season can be hard on some of our residents with families who travel. Residents would love to be able to go on vacation with their families and spend quality time with them and not feel left out.

If you can pick up grandma or grandpa or a friend at the nursing home, stop by and ask them if they’d like to go for a car ride or out for lunch. Some residents who used to farm love to go out to the countryside to look at the crops and see the baby animals. That way they’re able to touch base with their roots, their upbringing, and spend the quality time with their loved ones.

Recently, one of my residents told me her son and daughter-in-law stopped and spent the whole day with her, which was the first time they had been able to see each other in quite some time. She said they were able to reminisce about their past, talk about the future, and talk about the grandkids. Just being able to have some quality time with her family members is something that left her feeling energized and refreshed.

I understand the way the economy is now and how lifestyles have changed so much over the years makes it hard for people to be with their elderly loved ones sometimes. But with modern technology such as smartphones and the videos you can make, you can bring your family right into a resident’s room where they can feel right at home. Whether you are sharing pictures from a vacation or a wedding that took place, it’s a perfect opportunity to let them experience it also.

One of my residents talks to her little grandson over FaceTime. She says although she’s not right there with him, they can see each other and talk with each other and it’s the next best thing.

Besides a visit or an outing, if you’re able to bring your loved one a small token of appreciation or gift from your vacation, or give them a call or send them a postcard while you’re traveling, it means so much.

Mike Maday is a Care Manager at Lakeview Methodist Healthcare Center in Fairmont, Minnesota.

2 thoughts on “Include elderly loved ones in your travels this summer

  1. I send my mom postcards every and she loves it. Sometimes old ones from past vacations, sometimes just silly ones or pretty ones. Everyone loves mail, especially older people.

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