Tell your local paper why you oppose Medicaid cuts

Seniors and their loved ones across Minnesota are raising their voices in concern about the U.S. Senate health care proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

If enacted, the Senate’s bill would severely reduce federal funding for Medicaid and impact the fastest-growing group of Americans who rely on Medicaid—seniors. The Senate’s proposal would jeopardize nursing home coverage for many and put at risk services like Elderly Waiver that support caregivers and help seniors remain in their homes.

Please write to your local paper today and let your community know that you stand with Minnesota seniors who all deserve to receive the care they need in a place they can call home.

You can view some recent letters to the editor in the Post-Bulletin, Star Tribune, and Brainerd Dispatch.

If your local paper publishes your letter to the editor about your concern for Medicaid cuts, let us know! We may feature it on social media.

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