There’s nothing like August

August is a special month – the last hurrah of summer. People flock to county fairs and state fairs, with all the exhibits to see and food to taste. Many children think about school starting soon; some can’t wait to begin and some think vacation should be longer.

August is a good month to take a trip. One August in the 1990’s, my second husband and I drove to Colorado. I will always remember the bright yellow of the aspen trees. Boy, was that something. You never know what’s around the corner for you, no matter how old you get to be.

Helen and her sister, Georgia Adkins.

This August is particularly special because my sister has a very special birthday—her 90th. Her name is Georgia Adkins, and she is almost six years younger than I am. I’m excited to help her celebrate. I suppose I’d better think of some wisdom to share with her about life in your 90’s!

Do you have any August traditions?

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