Facing aging together

What do I need to know about facing aging? We’ve probably all asked this question in one way or another. Perhaps you are the loved one of a senior and want to help them through a major life transition. Or maybe you are a senior yourself and want to take the steps necessary to age as well as possible.

One thing is certain: we all need to face aging. Minnesota’s senior population is rapidly growing. By 2030, one in four adults in Minnesota will be 65 or older.

We invite you to watch the stories of a local senior, her daughter and her caregiver. Each woman shares her own insights on aging and the lessons she’s learned. We hope these videos will encourage dialogue in your family and in your community on how we can all work together to ensure that Minnesota faces aging.

Want to have the conversation but aren’t sure how to get started? Click here for a downloadable PDF with some ideas.





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