Thoughtful ways to thank caregivers this Thanksgiving

Over the years, I’ve had family members of residents shake my hand and say, “Thank you for being here for Mom and Dad.” That makes my day. If someone can say thank you and genuinely mean it (and you can tell when they do) that means the world to me.

If you’re looking for ways to thank a caregiver this Thanksgiving, it’s really up you to decide the best and most sincere way. It’s so meaningful to receive a personalized letter that says, “Thank you for being there when I can’t be.” It’s very powerful to hear that.

For me, a simple “thank you” is perfect. It doesn’t have to be much, as long as it’s genuine.

I’m thankful for my job and try to do the best I can every day. I look forward to helping our residents because they mean so much to me. If I can spread my joy and thanks to them, I feel that I’m touching the hearts of many people.

This Thanksgiving, say a prayer, pinch yourself when you’re sitting at the table with friends and loved ones and say, “Hey, this is real.” Be thankful for the small things. Life’s too short not to think about things like that.

Mike Maday is a Care Manager at Lakeview Methodist Healthcare Center in Fairmont, Minnesota.

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