How Minnesotan are you this holiday season?

It’s no secret that Minnesotans have their quirks, and the holidays are no exception. How many of the following items can you check off? Leave a comment below and let us know how Minnesotan you are!

Have you…

  • Eaten lefse (and if you’re brave, lutefisk)? You betcha many Minnesotans enjoy this Scandinavian tradition.
  • Shopped at Mall of America? Minnesota is spoiled to house the largest mall in the country for all that holiday shopping.
  • Spent time outside? Cold temperatures don’t faze hardy Minnesotans – the holidays mean layering and getting out in the snow.
  • Enjoyed a holiday light display? Minnesotans know the drill: grab some hot cocoa and appreciate local light displays after dark, whether it’s the neighbor’s decked-out yard or a community light show.
  • Eaten bars and/or casserole at a holiday gathering? Perhaps you are a fan of the Minnesota classic, tater-tot hot dish.
  • Attended a holiday musical performance or theater production? Home to a renowned arts scene, Minnesota prides itself on supporting local artistic talent—and the holidays make performances even more special.
  • Consumed candy native to Minnesota? Pearson’s Mint Patties, Nut Goodies and Salted Nut Rolls are all Minnesota-made.
  • Watched A Charlie Brown Christmas? Did you know that Charles Schulz, the creator of the Peanuts comics and the beloved Charlie Brown, was born in Minneapolis and grew up in St. Paul?

But most importantly, have you…

  • Had a conversation about aging with your loved ones? 1 in 4 Minnesota adults will be 65 years or older by 2030. That’s 60,000 Minnesotans turning 65 every year (or 164 every day). Now more than ever, it’s crucial for families, communities and lawmakers to face aging together.

Click here for resources to help you start the conversation with aging loved ones this holiday season.

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