Announcing Principle 2: We are all in this together

Principle 2 of the five guiding Face Aging Principles emphasizes that we are all in this together. In just three years, Minnesota will be home to one million seniors. Caring for one million seniors will require a strong partnership between our seniors, their families, their communities, professional caregivers and the State of Minnesota. This partnership needs to be sustained well into the future – after all, we are all hoping to be lucky enough to grow old.  

We invite you to view our video on Principle 2, where we hear from a mother and her son, a father and his daughter and a professional senior caregiver in St. Paul, Minnesota on the importance of collaboration and planning ahead together for one’s older years.

Chuck, an adult son helping his mother navigate the aging journey, says it’s never too soon to start the conversation with older loved ones. “The ability to live with dignity in the last chapter of your life is something that I think we all want for our parents, for ourselves, even for our children,” says Chuck.

“[We need to] advocate not just for the seniors that are seniors today but all of us that will become seniors at some point,” says caregiver Angie. “We all have to be looking forward to how we want to be cared for when we’re in our senior years.”  

If you missed the Principle 1 video, you can view it here. The five Face Aging Principles were created to help provide guidance to anyone who wants to help Minnesota seniors age well.

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