Announcing Principle 3: We all prosper when seniors stay in their communities

Principle 3 of the five guiding Face Aging Principles affirms that we all prosper when seniors stay in their communities. Our parents and grandparents want to live as independently as possible in the communities they love, and our communities thrive when they have a vibrant senior population. State strategies should encourage the best choices for seniors who seek to age in place for as long as possible, connected to their communities and their families.

We invite you to view our video on Principle 3, where we hear from resident Millie and professional senior caregiver Jodi in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota on the importance of helping seniors remain connected in their communities.

“I feel like the community here at Detroit Lakes is part of my family too. I just love it here,” says senior resident Millie.

“A lot of our elders are people that created our communities and are the backbone of our community,” says Jodi, a professional senior caregiver in Detroit Lakes. “Keeping our residents interactive in our community in Detroit Lakes and statewide is crucial.”

If you missed the videos for Principle 1 and Principle 2, you can view them here. The five Face Aging Principles were created to help provide guidance to anyone who wants to help Minnesota seniors age well.

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