Principle 4: Let’s help professional caregivers succeed in the jobs they love

Principle 4 of the five guiding Face Aging Principles highlights that caregiving is a valued career let’s help our professionals succeed in the jobs they love. Professional senior care is a critically essential and profoundly rewarding career. We all benefit when senior caregivers have just compensation and opportunities for continuing education and career advancement. To support our rapidly growing aging population, Minnesota will need at least 25,000 additional professional caregivers over the next decade.

We invite you to view our video on Principle 4, where we hear from a senior and a professional senior caregiver from the Mankato, Minnesota area about the vital career of caregiving.

“They take good care of us. They really do,” says Aino, a senior from the Mankato area. “Everybody should be thankful that places like this are available.”

“Being in senior care is one of the most fulfilling things you can do in your life,” says a professional senior caregiver featured in the video. “If you are looking for something to do that is gratifying, this is the field to go in.”

If you missed the videos for Principle 1, Principle 2 or Principle 3, you can view them here. The five Face Aging Principles were created to help provide guidance to anyone who wants to help Minnesota seniors age well.

One thought on “Principle 4: Let’s help professional caregivers succeed in the jobs they love

  1. Great video!

    Suggestion for next video – perhaps feature other types/examples of ‘professional caregiver’ careers and talk about where the need is most great. Feature Minnesota schools (tech/college) and State of MN partners that are training folks in this growing career area. I think folks looking at 2nd careers would be interested in learning more about this and how they can transition their skills into geriatric careers.

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