The fifth and final Face Aging Principle

In order to successfully address the care needs of our rapidly growing senior population, we need to find more efficient ways to deliver quality care to all seniors. There will be 56% more seniors in Minnesota by 2030. That’s why we all need to consider the fifth and final of the Face Aging Principles.

Principle 5: With more than a million seniors, we will need to be bold and innovative. As a state, we need to seek efficient ways to deliver quality care and manage costs through innovation and helping seniors age at home for as long as possible with the right support. Since everyone in Minnesota will be affected by aging, this is a conversation that excludes no one.

We want to hear your thoughts. How can Minnesota seniors, families, communities, caregivers and policymakers work together to face aging?

If you missed the videos for Principle 1, Principle 2, Principle 3 and Principle 4, you can view them here. The five Face Aging Principles were created to help provide guidance to anyone who wants to help Minnesota seniors age well.

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