Minnesota needs to face aging – here’s how we can do it

The need to face aging is undeniable and unprecedented. Minnesota isn’t ready to support the one million seniors who will soon call our state home. That’s why we must all work together now to ensure our elders will receive the care and services they need as they age.

Legislative session begins tomorrow, February 20, and people will be paying attention to issues that matter to seniors. These issues will only grow in importance. Soon, 25% of Minnesota’s adult population will be age 65 or older, with 60,000 Minnesotans turning 65 this year, next year and every year through 2030.

Over the past five weeks, we’ve introduced the five Face Aging Principles, which offer a framework for how to meet the needs of Minnesota’s rapidly growing senior population. The Face Aging Principles were created to help provide guidance to anyone who wants to help Minnesota seniors age well.

Here are the principles:

It’s never been more critical for every Minnesotan to take part in the conversation about aging. Together, we can spread awareness and spark bold and innovative ideas to provide quality care, manage costs and prepare our state so today’s and tomorrow’s seniors have the support they need to age well.

Share your bold and innovative ideas with us!

2 thoughts on “Minnesota needs to face aging – here’s how we can do it

  1. I’ve been providing senior care services, including private home care and advanced care planning, for 30 yrs. It’s common for families to wait for a crisis/injuries to occur before arranging care or support for family members. Often, poor choices are made during a crisis and I’m trying to help seniors to age in place. How can I reach people and avert crisis, educate and help families make choices to better care for family members?

  2. Pay we seniors a stipend, to stay in our homes to cover raising federal, state and property taxes! That stipend should follow us if we move to a relative’s home! Saves nursing home expenses and subsidized housing costs!

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