When life gives you cookies and chicken noodle soup

It was January 1980, and my close friend Ruby and I were beginning our first new year as widows.

We had gotten together to face the year head-on and cook ourselves a nice turkey dinner. I was taking care of my grandson Jason, who was two and a half years old.

Well, I put that turkey in the oven, and what do you know? It wouldn’t cook and it wouldn’t cook, until I finally realized I had bought a bad turkey. It might have poisoned us!

We raided the cupboards and found two cans of chicken noodle soup, some crackers and some cookies. It wasn’t a feast – but somehow it was just what we needed.

Jason played with his cars in the kitchen nook and made us laugh. Children have a way of making you smile when you don’t feel like it sometimes.

Now, my friend Ruby is with the Lord, but I’ll never forget the bond we shared. My grandson Jason is a doctor and has three kids of his own. It’s fun to watch him with them, and it’s also fun being a great grandma.

Life doesn’t always go the way you plan, but you sure can get some good memories out of the deal.

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