Surviving scarlet fever

When I was 21 years old, I became very ill with scarlet fever.

I remember asking my mother to read my favorite Bible passages while fading in and out of consciousness. She became so worried about me that she called an ambulance, and later I learned that the ambulance driver had told one of my neighbors he didn’t think I was coming home.

I spent three weeks in the hospital. A cute doctor would come around from time to time. When I woke up, he would check on me. And I’ll always remember my mother’s kindness as she cared for me.

I still hadn’t recovered my full strength by the time I entered army basic training. It was a challenging time and I constantly read my Bible from my top bunk, sometimes out loud. Well, that caught the attention of the woman on the bottom bunk, who was around my age. She started joining me on my top bunk, and we took turns reading passages to each other. I’ll tell you, that was a great comfort to me.

I don’t know if it was a miracle that I survived scarlet fever or not, but I do know it made me appreciate life more. And here I am at 96 to tell the tale!

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