Helping parents navigate getting older

Sandra Burklund wants decision-makers in our society to know the importance of implementing policies that recognize that we’re all part of the aging population and we’ll all eventually be faced with caregiving needs.

“Not all are fortunate to have a family support system to help navigate aging challenges,” says Sandra.

Sandra and her husband, Brad.

Sandra’s parents both receive care at an assisted living facility in Minnesota. It’s important to both Sandra’s parents and Sandra’s family that they’re able to live together and still be as independent as possible in their own private space, and also have opportunities to socialize and stay engaged with people.

Sandra is very aware of the importance of coordination of care and time management issues families face when helping their loved ones receive the best care possible. “Scheduling and attending all their necessary appointments and coordinating the care they need in an ever-changing landscape of health complexities requires dedicated daily attention,” Sandra says. “All of that, coupled with managing their financial affairs, has become much like a full-time job, leaving precious little time to just enjoy spending time with them.”

Families need supportive systems that allow them to help their aging loved ones, says Sandra. “We are all part of the aging population that will eventually need care and services.”

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Sandra. Your voice is vital as we advocate for awareness and address the needs that accompany the reality of a rapidly aging society.

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