Minnesota senior enjoys time with five generations

The aging journey looks different for each senior and every family. For Jeanne Kragt-Barchinger, a senior from Milaca, the best parts of getting older are spending time with family and not having to get up early and work hard all day. “I have 20 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren and 3 great-great-grandchildren to love and enjoy,” says Jeanne.

It was challenging for Jeanne to allow her children to take over some things in her life, but the solution to these challenging moments is a simple one. “Stay positive and share many smiles,” Jeanne says. Jeanne believes it’s important for seniors to be thankful for each new day and to continue to experience what life has to offer as they age. “Keep doing things each day and think ‘I can do it,’” says Jeanne.

The aging journey isn’t just one for seniors, which is why senior care issues should be a priority to everyone in Minnesota. “We all have seniors in our lives, and at some point, you will be a senior too,” says Jeanne.

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