My transition to hospice

Recently, I made the decision with my family to start hospice care. The extra support is helping me with things I’m not able to do anymore. It’s private and one-to-one, and I’m still in the comfort of my own room.

Don’t you worry – my spirit and sense of humor haven’t gone anywhere. Sometimes the nurse and I play Yahtzee. I’ve been watching Tiger Woods play golf. I think he’s starting to make a comeback!

Helen and a friend golfing in the 90’s, around the time Helen got a hole-in-one.

One thing that helped me through the transition was getting hospice recommendations from family members and caregivers. It’s heavy stuff, so having that guidance was good. I also appreciate when people call ahead before they visit to see if I’m up to having company. I love seeing folks, but sometimes these old bones aren’t up for much excitement.

This kind of transition isn’t a scary thing when you can talk about it. Take it from me, it’s best when you’re still able to have some control. Open communication with my sons has been important, where we can get things off our chests and ask and answer questions. I’ve also found it’s important to be as joyful as possible.

With some stubbornness and resiliency, you can face this kind of change without fear.

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