Motherhood doesn’t change, no matter how old you are

From left to right: Helen’s younger son Dan, Helen, Helen’s first husband Leo, and Helen’s older son Dave.

No matter how old I get and how old my sons get, I always want the best for them. That’s something that doesn’t change.

One of my favorite memories is a family photo shoot we had on the front steps of our home when my sons were young (and I was a bit younger myself). Another time I was washing clothes and the door opened – I thought “who is this handsome young fellow?” It was my son Dave in uniform, returned from Vietnam. He had grown up while he was away!

Helen with her personalized copy of The Mommy Times, a special gift from her family.

As your kids get older, it’s hard not to tell them what to do sometimes, but they have to make their own way. Whether your children are seven or 67, I think hugs are the very best thing you can get. I love visits from my family, and I hope that however you are celebrating Mother’s Day, you are spending it with people you love.

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