Staying active and proactive

Staying active – both physically and socially – provides a type of “insurance” different from your typical health insurance plan. Staying active is being proactive. It’s taking control of whatever you can, despite any limitations, in order to age as well as possible.

Most importantly, being proactive creates a feeling of empowerment across many different areas of your life.

Think about your goals and identify your “why.” Why is staying healthy and strong a priority for you? Is it staying independent? Traveling? Playing with the grandkids?

Identify your why and create a proactive plan to keep enjoying life on your terms for as long as possible. Including physical activity in your plan will make activities of daily life easier, increase your energy level and boost your mood. These are all important parts of healthy aging.

Heidi Weinberg is a Parkinson’s/Delay the Disease Certified and ACE certified personal trainer and health coach. She lives in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

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