Supporting an elderly parent: the beautiful and tragic

(From left to right) Missy, her mother and her sister Cindy

Missy Jenner, a resident of Grand Rapids, cared for her elderly mother in her older years. Her mother passed away several years ago, and the caregiving experience left a profound impression on Missy. One deeply rewarding part of caring for her mother was her mom’s need for Missy to be with her.

After a fall that landed her mother in the emergency room, the surgeons told Missy and her mother they could not operate because her mother would not make it through the surgery. Missy says it was heartbreaking to hear her mother say, “I know.”

Missy’s experience with both the beautiful and tragic parts of caring for an elderly parent reflects the experiences of many Minnesotans. Senior care is not something Minnesota can ignore. “Seniors deserve to be a priority in society,” Missy emphasizes.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Missy. Your voice is vital as we advocate for awareness and address the needs that accompany the reality of a rapidly aging society.

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