Let’s honor our elders with the care and services they need

Rachel Cummings is the director and owner of Cummings Treasured Time Adult Day Center in Deerwood, Minnesota, a small town about 30 minutes northeast from Brainerd with a population of 520.

Rachel started her caregiving career as a nursing assistant in 1991. “I have always loved the hands-on caregiving,” says Rachel. “The best part is the genuine thanks you receive from the person or their family members.”

Rachel says providing adult day services helps both elders and their caregivers. It helps caregivers by giving them a break from providing care so they can go to work or go shopping or take care of themselves. It helps elders by providing time for socializing and by encouraging activities they enjoy at a pace that works for them. “The person is still a person. They should be treated as such and allowed time to make their own choices,” says Rachel.

Rachel believes senior care issues should matter to all Minnesotans. “Elders deserve our respect and should not be forgotten and set aside.”

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