25 years caring for residents with passion and love

Sevelle Kamara says her kids remark that she’s always smiling when she comes home from work. “I tell them, ‘When you do what I do, you understand how it is,'” says Sevelle. “I love what I do.”

Having worked as a trained medical assistant (TMA) at Good Samaritan Society-Special Care Community in Robbinsdale for over 25 years, Sevelle says there are two characteristics a caregiver must possess: passion and love. “I love caring for residents and hearing their life stories,” says Sevelle. “It touches your heart. When they thank me for everything, it makes my day.”

At one point, it brought tears to Sevelle’s eyes when one woman asked her, “How would you feel if your mother or father was laying here like me?” Sevelle says, “I thought, ‘I would do the same thing and treat you the way I’d want them to be treated. We’re all going to walk this road.”

Sevelle’s job can break her heart at times because many residents have challenging health conditions. “I sometimes have to walk away and cry and come back. It can be difficult.” Some residents don’t have families or friends who visit, so they light up when Sevelle comes in. If Sevelle is gone for a few days, they ask her where she’s been. “They bring me joy and make me want to come to work.” 

“My job takes passion, love, caring and trust,” says Sevelle. “I don’t do it for the money – I’m here because I love these people. And it could be me one of these days, or my mom and dad.”

Sevelle emphasizes the importance of always having a positive attitude and a smile on your face when you go to work as a caregiver. “It makes a big difference in their life. It’s very important because these people need us to take care of them.”

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  1. Seville is one the BEST Caregivers I have ever worked with at a care center. She is very caring and considerate. I wish more staff would have the passion that she has with her cares. Congratulations Seville.

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