Providing solutions for senior care in rural Minnesota

Julia Conroy and her family.

“Serving the senior population has been a passion of mine for years,” says Julia Conroy, owner of Julia’s Place in Hancock, Minnesota, a small town an hour southwest of Alexandria. Julia’s Place offers adult day services for the elderly, including adult foster care and transportation services.

Julia was inspired to start her own adult day location when she noticed a lack of senior care options for the elderly in rural areas. “The senior population of rural west central Minnesota can oftentimes be overlooked or ignored as services are not as prevalent as in the metro area,” says Julia.

Julia’s Place in Hancock, Minnesota.

Through her work, Julia is able to serve the needs of the senior population in her community and the needs of their families. Julia wants people to know that everyone benefits when elders have the care and services they need. “I’d like people to know that there’s great reward in doing this work,” says Julia. “It’s our responsibility to care for the aging as they cared for us.”

Senior care issues should matter to all Minnesotans because our elders have positively impacted our lives in many ways. “The old have taught the young the value of hard work, family and community,” says Julia.

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