Family and a great health care team make all the difference

Arlene Arnold used to say she would never grow up, but somehow it happened. As a senior from Montgomery, a city of about 3,000 people in southern Minnesota, Arlene understands how important it is to walk the aging journey with those you love. Support from her devoted family and a great health care team has allowed her to age as independently as possible.

Arlene with one of her sons on a cruise a few years ago.

“I have a team that has diagnosed me very well on health problems due to aging,” says Arlene. “They are making it easier for me to get around a little bit more. When I have to go to the Cities for appointments, aging services here in town are excellent at getting me there.” The biggest challenge for Arlene is balancing medical finances.

Arlene knows that aging is a journey that many Minnesotans are familiar with, even if they aren’t seniors themselves. “A lot of people do understand aging. Especially when the people are close to you,” says Arlene.

Family is an important part of Arlene’s aging journey. Her three sons do everything they can to help her age well.  “One of my sons is living with me to help me, and I have grandchildren who are very respectful and helpful. I am really blessed with family, some close and some far,” says Arlene.

However, Arlene realizes that some seniors don’t have the same support, which is why she believes senior care issues should matter to all Minnesotans. “When you are young you just never think you will get there.”

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