Making healthy choices can help you age well

“Aging is a very personal thing,” says Anita Olson, a senior from White Bear Lake. “You have to decide what your future will look like.”

Anita Olson

Anita recently retired after 42 years in the workforce, and now enjoys stepping away from the work world and getting to know herself better. She makes a point of exercising every day and eating healthy. “Should I need support services in the future, I hope Minnesota can assist, but I sure am going to push like heck to have a healthy future. I see that as my job!”

Anita says Minnesota needs to be more proactive in supporting the health of adults in their 30s and 40s, which will in turn create healthier seniors. “What opportunities can we start now to avoid poor decisions? A simple walk, swim or gardening could make all the difference,” says Anita. “It’s all too simple to say, ‘oh, I’m too old to do this or that.’ If you don’t invest in you, no one else will.”

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