Planting seeds of wisdom into younger generations

Life is a journey filled with learning and reflection, and for Carole Perkins, planting seeds of wisdom into younger generations is the best part about getting older. “Investing in each other’s lives has helped me age well,” says Carole, who lives in Le Roy, a town of about 1,000 people in southeast Minnesota.

Aging is a process, and for Carole, declining health has always been tough. Through a strong support system, Carole attributes excellent senior care as the key to helping her successfully meet the challenges of aging. “Learning to eat healthy and meal preparation has helped,” Carole adds.

Carole wishes more people embraced aging as a natural part of life and understood that there’s more to aging than what meets the eye. “Learning to enjoy each other in all stages of life, and knowing we cannot physically do everything we use to do, even though we want to, is important,” says Carole.

Carole likes to remind people that senior care issues should matter to all Minnesotans. “If you live long enough, you are going to be a senior citizen before you know it.”

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