Loving our seniors means empowering our caregivers

“I have a mom who has dementia,” says Gladys Aakre, RN and Director of Home Care at SilverCreek on Main in Maple Grove. “This is why I’m really drawn to taking care of our seniors.”

Gladys Aakre with a resident

Walking the aging journey with her mother has helped Gladys understand the importance and the value of professional caregivers. Glady’s mother lives in the Philippines, which means Gladys is talking regularly with her mother’s caregiver.

“I know that the seniors here deserve to be treated with dignity just like my mom’s caregiver is treating her,” says Gladys.

For Gladys, good senior care starts by taking care of our caregivers and ensuring they have the resources and support they need to succeed in their roles.

“If they’re happy, if they’re well-trained, then they will provide really good care to your residents,” Gladys says. “They are your eyes and ears, and if you listen, you can provide better care.”

The senior boom means every Minnesotan will have a stake in senior care. Supporting and cultivating the next generation of caregivers is of utmost importance. Community members, legislators and family members should listen to dedicated professional caregivers because they care for Minnesota seniors with compassion every day.

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