Understanding Senior Care: The Rising Demand

Printable Fact Sheet: Understanding Senior Care in Minnesota

While Minnesota’s overall population is projected to grow 8.6% over the next decade, its senior population will surge by 56%. This means we will need additional services and professional caregivers to provide the care and support our seniors will need.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office estimates that about half of all Americans 55 or older have nothing saved for retirement, and only 2% of Americans have long-term care insurance to help defray the cost of care, according to the Center of Insurance Policy.

As the senior population continues to grow, there will be greater demands to provide quality senior care moving forward. Some will need support to rent an apartment or a room in a senior community facility. Others will rely on community-based programs to allow them to live at home.

Learn more about the rising demand for senior care on page 2: Understanding Senior Care in Minnesota



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